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April 29, 2012

Hi all!

Thanks for all the comment entries for my first giveaway! The winner is…

Michela, I’ll be in contact with you to claim your prize!

Thanks again, everyone!

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Scented Nail Polish?

April 29, 2012

This bright summery pink is It’s My Pink from the Betsey Johnson line at Sephora. It’s a scented nail polish, which when I first heard about it I was very skeptical. I mean, nail polish already has a strong smell to it–you know, that chemical smell. So, would a “scented nail polish” work?

Well, let me tell you it does! Apparently, it’s scent is the same as Betsey Johnson’s Too Too fragrance. I’m not familiar with that perfume, but when you apply the polish (no topcoat), your nails do smell really nice. After the polish dries, the chemical nail polish smell goes away and you’re left with the perfume scent.

My complaints? I only had two. First, I’m sensitive to perfumes and when my hands were anywhere near my face, it was almost overwhelming. However, the scent did diminish over the course of the two days that I wore the polish. By the end of the second day, it was fairly faint.

My second complaint is that I really did miss my usual Seche Vite topcoat. :( It makes my nails so super glossy and I love the look. Without the topcoat, not only did the polish show the lines (ridges) in my nails, but they had almost a satin/matte finish. I was never one for matte nails, so this really bugged me. One of the reasons I took the polish off after two days.

Wear was pretty good. I didn’t have any chipping over those two days, but I did have minor tip wear. I really think that would have been diminished with a topcoat. So if you love the color and don’t mind not having the perfume scent, you could use a topcoat.

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Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB: 2012

April 28, 2012

Oh. My. Word. I love this polish so much I can’t stand it!!I knew when I first saw swatches of it that I had to have it. I missed the pre-order, so I snagged it first thing when it went up for sale. And good thing! It’s already sold out!

The application was a bit different. Apparently, it’s had more pigment that regular polishes (hence the amazing color), so it was sort of… runny thick? I can’t describe it. But after the second coat, I was good to go. It dries to a satin finish and I like my nails super shiny, so I added some Seche Vite on top. LOVE!

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Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson Yellow My Name is Betsey

April 26, 2012

What a cute name for a nail polish! Love it! This obnoxious yellow is another polish from the Betsey Johnson collection by Sephora by OPI mini set.

As bright as this color is, and as resistant I was to like it, it really grew on me. It’s definitely one of those colors that can’t be ignored. :)

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My first giveaway at Daily Something!

April 25, 2012

Hi all!

Today I have a giveaway for you! The prize pack up for grabs by one lucky winner is…

Zoya Kimber nail polish from the Surf Collection
Zoya Myrta nail polish from the Surf Collection
Zoya Meg nail polish from the Surf Collection
Zoya Carly nail polish from the Surf Collection
Zoya Rory nail polish from the Surf Collection
Zoya Remove+ nail polish remover (2 oz. — great for travel!)
Qtica Grapefruit Surprise Sugar Scrub
The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream (3.3 oz)
The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil
The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter (1.69 oz)

To be entered into the drawing, leave ONE comment on this blog entry telling me your favorite nail polish color to wear. It doesn’t have to be a specific color. You can just say, “Light pink!” :)

Comments will close on Sunday, 4/29 at 5 pm MT. Winner will be announced shortly after and will have 24 hours to respond to my email to claim their prize. If the winner does not respond, a new winner will be drawn.

Good luck! :)


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Nicole by OPI Other’s Pale By Kim-Parison

April 23, 2012

Nicole by OPI Other’s Pale By Kim-Parison from the Kardashian Kolor collection. I have quite a few polishes from this collection and I really like nearly all of them. However, this one didn’t stay on my nails for too long (just overnight).

I didn’t love the color with my skin tone and it was so SO sheer that I had to do four coats and even then I could still see streaks. The perfectionist in me was screaming to take this polish off! But I imagine the color would look gorgeous on someone who is more tan. It’s a soft off-white creme. Much better than “White Out” nails, but still too stark for my pale skin in my opinion. :)

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