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August 2012

Nail Stamping

Rescue Beauty IKB: 2012 & pink stamping

August 12, 2012

I’ve been on a White Collar watching spree on Netflix. Anyone else watch that show? So addicting! While watching this afternoon, I decided to do a bit of nail stamping. I haven’t been in the mood for it lately (I got through phases), but I absolutely love this combination! :)

Base Color: Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB: 2012 (limited edition)
Stamping Color: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Presto Pink 210
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster BM-310 (both designs are on one plate)
Top Coat: Seche Vite

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Simple Manicure

Oldie but goodie – Essie Wicked

August 10, 2012

Years and years ago when my nail polish obsession was just in its infancy, I bought Essie Wicked. I adored Essie Wicked. I think it was my exclusive polish for two or three months. Just couldn’t get enough of it. It wears well and seems to match everything.

It’s a dark vampy burgundy, slightly gel-ish, black indoors and rich red out in the sun. It’s just an awesome color.

So when I go through a nail polish funk (i.e. when I don’t feel like doing super fun nail art or stamping), sometimes I go back to Wicked. It just makes me happy. :)

P.S. This photo below makes it look really purple, but it’s really a color shifter! Depending on the lighting, Wicked can go more red, more brown, more black. It’s an awesome color.

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