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October 2013

Simple Manicure

Nicole by OPI Sealed With a Kris

October 30, 2013

I’m still loving all my red polishes recently. And I adore Sealed With a Kris from Nicole by OPI. It think it’s such a pretty, sexy dark red. And the formula applies like a dream. I do usually have to do three coats since it has a bit of a jelly consistency, but I don’t even mind applying three coats because it’s so smooth. Highly recommend this one. :)

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Simple Manicure

Another look at Essie Wicked

October 29, 2013

Years ago when I first started painting my nails in earnest, I researched online for the best polishes and topcoats. I distinctly remember TONS of people online recommending Essie Wicked and Seche Vite topcoat. I really believe that if you try a polish and topcoat that work extremely well, it will most likely change the way you look at nail polish. It’s like a beginner artist trying professional brushes and paints for the first time—you see how the tools really can make your job easier. That’s the experience I had with Wicked and Seche Vite.

I’ve mentioned in the past here at Daily Something that I adore Essie Wicked. It’s the perfect vampy dark blood red, in my opinion. It can almost do no wrong. That’s how much I love it. Well, since we’re knee-deep in autumn nail polish colors, I thought Essie Wicked deserved another look.

It’s really quite a color-shifter. Indoors, it looks almost black. But in direct sunlight, it’s a deep burgundy red. So pretty. :)

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