Three-Color Nail Stamping Manicure

Having fun with more nail stamping. :) This time I tried stamping with three colors all at once…

Base Color: China Glaze Concrete Catwalk
Stamping Colors: Konad Special Polish Yellow, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Mint Sprint & Brisk Blue
Stamping Plate: Cheeky CH6
Top Coat: Seche Vite

Oops! You can see some stray Mannie fur in these photos. I suppose I should have waited until after taking pictures to scratch his ears. ;)

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10 Responses to Three-Color Nail Stamping Manicure
  1. Sheri Crowley

    So pretty! You should take a picture WHILE scratching his ears then we wouldn’t even notice any stray Manny fur!

  2. Kathy Camasso

    Very, very cool!

  3. Steph

    Great idea! I love the colours. How do you organize your polishes?

    • kristina

      I use nail polish racks.

  4. Sam F

    Question for you: Are the “solid” images (or those meant to cover the nail, like the one you used above) on the Cheeky plates a little wider than those on the Bundle Monster plates? I don’t have any of the Cheeky plates, just Konad & Bundle Monster. And I don’t have extremely wide nails but I find that most of the “solid” images from Bundle Monster don’t actually reach across my entire nail. Love the designs from the 2012 release, but I was reluctant to buy them based on my experience with Bundle Monster…

    • kristina

      I think they’re about the same size as Bundle Monster’s last two releases (not the first–those were TINY!) and Konad plates.

  5. Magdalena

    I recently switched to using Seche Vite base and top coats, and I’m actually very unhappy with the results. It chips within hours of applying. Especially if I take a shower, my polish is never intact when I get out. What is your experience with these polishes? Or do you think I’m doing something wrong?

    • kristina

      The success of Seche Vite really depends on the actual polish you use. Seche Vite doesn’t play well with all polishes. Also, make sure that you shower or bathe no sooner than 8-10 hours after doing your nails. The heat from the the water reactivates the polish and sort of heats it up and makes it more susceptible to peeling and chipping. For this reason, I also always wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes or when I will have my hands in warm water (cleaning the bath tub, etc).

  6. Heather North

    Thanks for the video. When I saw the picture I was thinking the stamping was in the concrete color. I like that you used the plate to add the color variation.

    I’ve never done stamping on my nails. How does it wear compared to just nail color? Is it more/less noticeable when it chips or the tips wear down?

    • kristina

      It wears exactly the same. The best thing to do is use a strong top coat. :)