16 Responses to Purple & Green Konad
  1. jessica Reply

    this makes me want to break out my nail stamping set. oh and i thought i changed my nail polish a lot, but you really do! i want to change mine most days, but i’m just too lazy. ha!

  2. Grisel Blanco Reply

    ESSIE is my favorite nail polish brand!!! I find it to be classy!! I’ve literally walked out of nail places who do not work with ESSIE… (: You certainly are an artist to even create those nail designs!

  3. Vicky Reply

    Perfect color combination! Love the result!

  4. Libby Reply

    LOVE this combo – so pretty!

  5. Marta Reply

    This is such a great look! In fact, when I stumbled upon it on Pinterest I knew I wanted to recreated it.
    I will feature it on my blog tomorrow.
    Thank you for the great idea on how to play with this Konad stamp.

  6. MariJo Reply

    What a gorgeous mani!! Love the color combo.

  7. Annika Reply

    Wow, great!

    How did you do this? I have the same stamping plate but when I try to use this pattern, all I can see the diamonds … I don’t know what I am doing wrong … :(

    • kristina Reply

      Maybe it’s your polish? It might be drying too quickly and not transferring to the nail.

      • Annika Reply

        Hi Kristina,
        I used the original Konad polish in white for stamping …
        You didn’t use the whole pattern, did you?
        Do you remove parts you don’t want to stamp on your stamper or on the plate (before transferring it to the stamper)?

        • kristina Reply

          In this case I used the entire image. I just stamped it off to one side since the design was more narrow than my nails.

  8. Bons Reply

    OMG! Love this!

  9. barbilycious Reply

    your stamping are great !

  10. Caroline Reply

    Kristina, you are AMAZING!! This is soooo cute!! Love it!

  11. Lisa Reply

    This is my alltime favorite nail design. I love it!

  12. Mary Jane Reply

    What is the name of the purple essie color you used?

    • kristina Reply

      It’s listed in the post at the top of the page. :)

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