Aqua & Black Stamped Pattern Manicure

Gotta love aqua and black. :) Here are the details on each finger…

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10 Responses to Aqua & Black Stamped Pattern Manicure
  1. Lisa - papergrace

    Gorgeous!! Love the aqua and the black together and the nail stamping makes me swoon. :)

  2. Val

    Oh this is so awesome!

  3. Sharna W.

    LOVE IT! Now I have to go get another Essie haha. I’m becoming an Essie junkie. This is really a super fun look.

  4. aliza

    I love in the caba-na! i have it too. it reminds me of the beach

  5. Charlotte

    Your nail stamping is totally inspiring!

  6. shantybeauty

    nice post i love it

  7. Jajuana

    This is lovely!! I am a bit obsessed with this mani and color combo!”

  8. TeaJae

    gorgeous color combo, I’m going to break down and get a Konad stamp system/plates this is too cute for words

  9. melissa bi.

    Wow! Love the colours and stamps you mixed together.

  10. Sheryl Eb

    Love this print plate! Will definitely order that

    You have gotten me into nail stamping and it is so fun. Santa
    Claus brought me all the goodies on my stocking last year. ; )