Essie DJ Play That Song

Unfortunately when I wore this color for the first time it was a bit bubbly. But I think that was because of my topcoat. The particular bottle of Seche Vite that I used was old, sticky, and I think I was in a hurry when I applied it. But I’ve worn DJ Plat That Song one more time since. I used a newer bottle of Seche Vite and had no problems with bubbles. :)

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5 Responses to Essie DJ Play That Song
  1. kerry

    gorgeous! My nails never look that good even when I get a professional manicure!

  2. Nikki

    Wow! This is really pretty, it would match one of my bikinis perfect!

  3. TeaJae


  4. Melissa

    Hi Kristina

    Do you refill your Seche Vite or just buy new bottles. I find it frustrating how you can’t reach the last bit, but then I’m nervous to refill since it seems to get murky/dusty/nail polish flecks in it.

    Would appreciate your advice. I love SV and rarely use other top coats.

    • kristina

      I have tried the refill before, but wasn’t in love with the whole process. And the refill polish get’s a little bit thick over time, too, just like the regular bottles. I think you get better results buying new bottles over the refill.