Gradient with Lines Nails

Hi all!

I wanted to do another gradient with stamping yesterday. First, I attempted to use this method to create the gradient and it was just a big old mess. So, I went back to applying each color individually to a sponge and then sponging the color on. I felt like I had more control that way. There was also less clean up. :)

After the gradient, I put on a coat of glitter and then stamped in black.

Base Colors: China Glaze Aquadelic, Gothic Lolita, Fuchsia Fanatic, and Fairy Dust.
Stamping Color: Konad Special Polish Black
Stamping Plate: Konad S6

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15 Responses to Gradient with Lines Nails
  1. jenn b. Reply

    I HAVE to learn how to do the gradient technique. Its on my “to do” list with nails.

  2. Roshni Patel Reply

    Tutorial please! I love how yours turns out.. please do a tutorial for the gradient technique!

  3. Wendy H Reply

    I love this look :).

  4. Astrid Reply

    Wow, really cool! Can you make a tutorial please?

  5. Giselle Reply

    Hi :) Love it!!! I follow your paper crafting blog and once I saw these nail stamping ideas I was hooked. I went to amazon and bought a few and the stamper. Now they are sitting here while the stamper is still on its way!!!!!!! :( can’t wait to try it. I’m so excited. Thanks for sharing all these nail art goodness… And paper goodness too lol

  6. jessica Reply

    i was just going to try the linked video version of gradient nails tonight…loving the look!

  7. christy Reply

    oooh, gorgeous! i can’t wait to try. I watched the video – so, you do each color separately instead of all one sponge?

    • kristina Reply

      For this gradient, I did. But I’ve since practiced more doing the all-on-one-sponge technique and I prefer that method more.

  8. Roshni Patel Reply

    Kristina! I tried gradient stamping on one sponge like you showed in one of your videos! My question is, when I did it, the nail polish was so light and opaque that it really didnt stick to my nail to show the true colors. How do you get around that? HELP!!! I love this color combo and stamp and want to try again!

    • kristina Reply

      You might try sponging a few layers. Just let the first sponging dry and then go over it again, making sure the colors line up. That might make the colors show more.

      Also, it might be the polish you’re using. You need a thicker, more opaque polish to make it show with just one sponging. Hope that helps! :)

  9. Lauren Reply

    This is one of the most gorgeous mani’s I’ve seen in my life! Well done! I love it!!!

  10. Erika Reply

    ? how do you stamp your nails? sorry if its a stupid question.

  11. Pam Reply

    Absolutely perfect!!

  12. Gem Reply

    Hello! Wow the nail stamping looks fab! I was just wondering how it works on gel nails? Would you just stamp over the gel polish once they are dry?
    Many thanks x

    • kristina Reply

      Stamp after you’ve cured the last coat.

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