Nicole by OPI Other’s Pale By Kim-Parison

Nicole by OPI Other’s Pale By Kim-Parison from the Kardashian Kolor collection. I have quite a few polishes from this collection and I really like nearly all of them. However, this one didn’t stay on my nails for too long (just overnight).

I didn’t love the color with my skin tone and it was so SO sheer that I had to do four coats and even then I could still see streaks. The perfectionist in me was screaming to take this polish off! But I imagine the color would look gorgeous on someone who is more tan. It’s a soft off-white creme. Much better than “White Out” nails, but still too stark for my pale skin in my opinion. :)

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4 Responses to Nicole by OPI Other’s Pale By Kim-Parison
  1. Miri

    I love nail polish and I used to wear it a lot. But I’m always frustrated when the color starts to chip so very soon. Maybe I’m using the wrong products?! … How long does your polish usually last? Or how often do you apply new colors/patterns?

  2. Rachel

    Love that colour!

  3. Latrice

    I actually think this color is great for your skin, just not bold like your other’s. Would be good for a wedding or a fancy event though where something bright may not work.