12 Responses to Orange Diagonal Chevron
  1. Kay Reply

    that is so simple and beautiful, love the orange!!!

  2. Jenn Reply



    Pretty fresh Kristina!

  4. jessica Reply

    that’s a good idea!

    • Rosa Reply

      I don’t think it does, you’d ruin the stamper if you buff it too much I have done it on mine and I did it bfnuifg with an eraser (yup, a regular school eraser). If you’re not too sure, just buff the stamper little by little with a fine grit nail file. Good luck

  5. Julie Ebersole Reply


  6. Jen Reply

    I LOVE this design!!! I’m so excited to try nail stamping now.

  7. howdyheidi Reply

    This is really nice. I love orange!

  8. ruth tacoma Reply

    This is the one that pushed me over the edge! :) I now have stamping polish, plates, stamping tool on the way!

    Great blog!

  9. Karen Reply

    Love this! The contrast looks amazing and a very creative way of using the stamp. I’ve just discovered you have a nail blog . . . after years of reading your papercraft blog. I was thinking how cool this would be in shades of taupe – kind of like wheel tracks!

  10. Tiffany Lewis Reply

    Glad to find this site!

    I looked at the stamps and I really like how you didn’t just throw the stamp on and cover the whole nail. It’s more interesting to the side like that.

  11. Mary Reply

    These designs are beautiful… I’m looking forward to getting all I need to start designing.

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