Orly Skinny Dip

Loving the bright blue of Orly Skinny Dip. Perfect for summer. Lots of shrinkage on this one with Seche Vite, though. When I wear it again, I’ll have to switch up the topcoat with something else.

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5 Responses to Orly Skinny Dip
  1. CandyW

    That’s a pretty shade of Blue, Kristina!

  2. Estivalia

    I love SH Insta-Dri top coat, no shrinking with that. I’ve also read that SV can causes less shrinkage when applied over wet polish.

    Anyway, love this shade of blue on you :)

  3. denise hickenbottom

    i love blue! *denise*

  4. Mrs Mega

    Your nails look beautiful. I was wondering exactly what you mean when you say that your top coat causes shrinkage?

    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  5. Jessica Anderson

    I always make sure to apply seche vite over wet polish and wrap the tips or no fail it’ll shrink. I am super hard on my nails and with regular top coats I have chipping within hours, with SV I get at least 1-2 days out of a mani