Nicole Up & Kim-ing Pink + Kim-pletely in Love

Today I’m wearing three coats of Up & Kim-ing Pink, and one thin coat of Kim-pletely in Love (very sheer pale pink with iridescent shimmer). It’s hard to see Kim-pletely in Love on top since the bottom color is SO pink, but you can see it slightly in the first shot.

I liked this combination. Not love, but just liked. I’ve had it one for a day and it’s a bit too… girly? I guess that’s the best way to describe it. I’m very girly (hello nail blog?), but sometimes bright bubble gum pink is a bit much for even me. :)

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A-England Galahad & Guinevere

I have two cream polishes from A-England to show today. The first is Galahad…

And the second is Guinevere…

The application for both was the usual spectacular A-England application, although these definitely needed two coats. The first coat for both was a bit sheer and streaky, but the second coat evened everything out. Such pretty, soft colors. I love these two, especially for summer. And we all know I love aqua polishes. ;)

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A-England Bridal Veil

Whew! This week is flying by. Sorry for no updates for a few days. I had a chance to swatch all the A-England polishes that I own that I haven’t shown here yet. Oh, they’re so yummy!

So for the next few days I’ll be showing them. The first one up is actually the very last one I swatched yesterday so I kept it on my fingers. It’s what I’m wearing today.

A-England Bridal Veil is a deep black with little itty bitty specks. From far away, it definitely looks just like a black polish. Fun to apply, though! I got away with only one coat! :)

Here’s a close up shot…

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Essie Mojito Madness

I adore this green… So summery…

BTW, I had a marathon cleaning session in my kitchen tonight. I hate cleaning. Boo. Anyway, the only way my nail polish can survive cleaning is to wear rubber gloves. SO attractive, let me tell you. And I hate the way it makes my hands sweat. But on the other hand, at least my manicure comes out unscathed. :)

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Orly Skinny Dip

Loving the bright blue of Orly Skinny Dip. Perfect for summer. Lots of shrinkage on this one with Seche Vite, though. When I wear it again, I’ll have to switch up the topcoat with something else.

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