Julep Nic

Julep Nic is a color I received at the same time as Brielle in my most recent Julep Maven box. It’s a very dark vampy crimson. Pretty much so dark it’s black. The only time I notice the red is in strong light. Application wasn’t too bad–about as difficult as any super dark color would be. I applied three coats to achieve complete opaqueness.


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Julep Jackie

I think Jackie from Julep might be the most perfect candy apple red. I’ll be wearing it a lot this holiday season. It has a jelly finish, so I did have to do three coats to achieve opacity, but the formula was so smooth I didn’t mind it too much. :)

(See yesterday’s post for the details on my tiny pinky fingernail)

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China Glaze Dance Baby

I was traveling last week and when I travel I always seen to come home with broken nails. This time was no exception. So after my pinky fingernail became a little stub, I shortened all of them. Easier to let them grow out when they’re similar lengths, you know?

So please excuse the itty bitty baby nail on my pinky finger that I’ll be sporting for a next few weeks. :)

This color is Dancy Baby from China Glaze…

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Essie For the Twill of It

I’ll be honest, I’m not in love with this polish. But I heard about it online and people were going gaga over it. However, I don’t like metallic-ish polishes that show brush strokes. And this one, while very lovely, definitely shows brush strokes. Sad to say I took it off immediately after taking photos.

The colors are really cool, though. I think I’ll be giving it away to a friend instead of keeping it. :)

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