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OPI Anti-bleak

November 6, 2013

I’ve worn OPI Anti-bleak multiple times since I bought it last spring, and I love it each time. It’s a luscious berry, cream polish. And I love cream formulas so I this was an obvious buy for me. :)

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Simple Manicure

My favorite holiday red glitter manicure

October 15, 2012

Note: Every few months or so, I trim my nails down pretty short. This is just one of those times. Give me a month and they’ll be a more normal length. But hey! Short, stubby nails need polish, too, right? ;)

Today I’m wearing one of my favorite winter holiday combinations. In October, you ask? Absolutely! I’ve been filming some holiday cardmaking videos and it seemed fitting to have red nails.

This favorite combination includes two colors from last year’s holiday collection from China Glaze: Velvet Bow (a deep burgundy) and Ring in the Red (an awesome red glitter). I love layering the glitter on top of the cream polish. It gives it such a deep, rich look. :)

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