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Essie French Manicure Colors + Color Discrepancy

May 22, 2012

I’ve used the same colors for doing a French manicure for nearly five years: Essie’s Marshmallow for white (the perfect soft pearl color) and Essie’s Mademoiselle (a pale, sheer pink). The perfect colors, I think, for a natural looking French manicure. I don’t usually like the stark white manicures, so the pearly white of Marshmallow with Mademoiselle over the top is perfect for me. [See these colors used in a video showing my French manicure process HERE]

When I went to Ulta the other day I thought it would be smart to pick up a couple back up bottles. After I came home, I realized that I really only needed a new white bottle. I had plenty of the pink, but for some reason thought I didn’t. Anyhow, after I did my manicure last night I kept thinking that something looked different. I wasn’t able to place it until I looked at the new bottle of Mademoiselle next to the old one…

The new bottle is much more yellow than the original. Almost more nude. Well, crap. :(

I still like it on my nails, but the pinky-ness of the older bottle usually makes my nails look more healthy. Not so much with this new version. So, Essie, what’s up? Did your color checker take a day off when you approved this color coming off the line in production? So strange.

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