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The problem with blogging about nail polish is…

June 5, 2012

it’s painfully obvious when your nail breaks super short. :(

The nail on my ring finger on my left hand always seems to break once it gets to a sufficient length. Boo. Because I hate having one short nail, I trimmed the rest down to be a similar length. Definitely not as super short as my ring finger, but generally a better length to grow them all out at the same rate…

Today I’m wearing Butter London Pink Ribbon. It’s a very sheer pale pink polish. So sheer that I had to do four thick coats to get it this opaque. It’s a pretty, neutral color. Not sure if I like it on my nails, though. I used the Butter London basecoat and topcoat as well.

I think dark nail polish looks awesome on short nails, so I think I’ll switch this out for a dark polish later today.

On a positive note, with my new shorter nails it’s much easier to type on my iPhone. :)

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