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UNT Polish First Impressions Review – Cotton Candy & Sealed With a Kiss

September 16, 2014

Hi all! I have a quick first impressions review of a brand I’ve never used before. :)

Laura over at Live Love Polish (a new online nail polish store—there’s a discount code at the bottom of this blog post) contacted me and wondered if I would like to try out a couple of polishes from the brand UNT. The brand is well known in France and Japan, but just now coming to the USA. In fact, Live Love Polish is one of the first USA stores to carry it.

To see all the UNT polishes LLP carries, click here.

I picked out two colors to try out: CNT Cotton Candy and UNT Sealed With a Kiss. I initially thought I could use these two polishes together, but ended up using a different polish with Sealed With a Kiss.

Initial Thoughts On UNT

I really like the brushes on these polishes. It’s a very flat, wide brush. The brush is reminiscent of OPI brushes, but more wide like the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line.

The first polish I tried is UNT Cotton Candy, a super pale pink. The formula of Cotton Candy was quite sheer, and I had to build up 4-5 thin layers to reach complete opacity. But that could simple be the byproduct of the color—a very pale pink. Pale colored polishes are notorious for being thin and needing multiple coats. Not sure I can blame them there. It’s actually a really pretty color once you have it on. However, be prepared for some thick polish with all those coats.

Here are some shots of UNT Cotton Candy. It’s definitely a tiny bit brighter out of the bottle…

One thing I found perplexing is that UNT polishes don’t have the color name on the bottle anywhere. Not even on the sticker on the bottom. In fact, I had to look these polishes up before writing this blog post because I’d forgotten the color names.

Now for the second polish… I don’t have many glitter top coats, so I thought I would try out UNT Sealed With a Kiss. I’m pretty sure this polish is meant to go on top of other polishes, so that’s what I planned to do right from the start.

I initially put the glitter polish on top of Cotton Candy (as mentioned, I planned to use them together). I really love the floating stars and hearts in the polish and wanted those on each nail. But it was super hard to get those little buggers out of the bottle! LOL! I did eventually get them out and onto my nails, but the polish job was awful and WAY TOO thick to be realistic. So instead, I waited a few days and tried again.

The second time I attempted to use Sealed With a Kiss I used China Glaze Innocence as the main color on my nails. I did three thin coats and could still see my nails underneath, but tried to embrace it. I generally hate seeing my nails underneath polish, but thought I’d try it this once. After letting Innocence dry for a bit, I applied two coats of UNT Sealed With a Kiss…

When I applied Sealed With a Kiss, I was determined to avoid any of the problems I had before (aka super thick coats because I was trying to get the stars and hearts out of the bottle). I didn’t try to get any of the stars or hearts this time, and in fact I ended up only getting one star out of the bottle. Since I didn’t want just one nail with the star, I swiped it on a paper towel and did not apply it to my nails. Too bad the stars and hearts didn’t work out. They’re super cute in the bottle. But I do really like the multicolor glitters! There’s adorable over pale pink polish.

Here’s an extreme up close shot of the glitter…

All in all, I think I’m curious enough to try out a couple other UNT colors. I’ll likely try out a darker shade next. :)

Live Love Polish has a 10% of discount code for you guys that’s valid until September 30, 2014! They have quite a few other brands of polish, not just UNT, so be sure to check them out! Just use the code LIVELOVEKRISTINA at checkout. :)

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Simple Manicure

ILNP Bikini Bottoms

August 21, 2014

Fun mail day when new polish arrives! First time trying both the color and top coat. Color is Bikini Bottoms from INLP (awesome, smooth application–I liked the flat brush. Color is amazing!). Top coat is one that I’m trying out, hopefully to replace Seche Vite (I love SV but the shrinkage issue is super annoying). It’s called HK Girl from Glisten & Glow Cosmetics. It’s extra smelly (painted with a window open), but it dried SUPER fast and is very shiny. No sign of shrinkage yet, but the bottle is new.

Instagrammed by starofmay

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Zoya Kitridge

July 2, 2014

Polish change! Color is Zoya Kitridge. Hmm... It looks like a pale pink in the bottle, but it's a bright neon pink on the nails. Strange. #notd #zoya

Instagrammed by starofmay

Polish change! Color is Zoya Kitridge. Hmm… It looks like a pale pink in the bottle, but it’s a bright neon pink on the nails. Strange.

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Simple Manicure

Dior Vernis Gel Shine in Bonheur

June 9, 2014

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I ended up changing my polish color before traveling home when I was out of town last week. Bonheur is another polish from Dior, and I loved how to wore. You can see this color in action in a video at my papercrafting blog, which I filmed the day after I arrived home.

Base: 2 coats of Orly Bonder
Polish: Dior Vernis Gel Shine in Bonheur
Top Coat: Dior Gel Coat

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Simple Manicure

Dior Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer in Tra-La-La & Dior Gel Coat Review

June 8, 2014

Since Dior came out out with a new gel-like formula a few months back, I’ve wanted to test out some of the polishes. They’re supposed to mimic the look and longwear of Shellac or traditional soak-off gel polishes, but without needing to cure your nails under a UV or LED lamp (see this post for my first experience with soak-off gel polish).

So I picked up a few of the Dior Vernis Gel Shine polishes from Sephora. The first color I tried was Tra-la-la, a cool-tone pale pink. It’s a great color and I actually wore it while I was traveling.

Tra-la-la is very sheer, so I painted five thin coats to achieve full opacity. Mildly annoying, but I loved the color so much and application was so smooth and easy, I didn’t mind it too much. It did make for some thicker-looking polish when I was done, though. Interestingly, a few hours after drying, it looked much thinner look. Most of the time that many coats of polish it TOTALLY obvious. But with this polish, it seemed to thin down as it dried. It didn’t lose it’s opacity (after all, there were five coats), but it didn’t look thick at all. Pretty sweet!

I used two coats of Orly Bonder as a base (my current routine as I grow out some staining from dark polishes), painted the five coats of Tra-la-la, and then topped off with one coat of Dior Gel Coat. I’m not sure what made this combination so magical, but this manicure lasted an amazingly long time. Usually when I travel, I paint my nails the night before and the polish doesn’t last after the beating my nails get with packing and handling heavy suitcases. It’s my usual traveling ritual to immediately re-paint my nails after I arrive at my destination. However, this manicure lasted nearly 4 days and I only re-painted because I wanted fresh polish for the flight home (I’ll share that color tomorrow).

One thing to note. While the polish didn’t chip, cracks in the polish were noticeable right before I removed it. I don’t think the cracks were noticeable to anyone else, but I was particularly focused on my nails since this was a new polish that I was trying out. I believe the cracks were a result of my nails still being slightly flexible–a good thing in my opinion. If your nails are too brittle, they’re more prone to break.

All in all, I’d highly recommend both the Dior Vernis Gel Shine polishes and Dior Gel Coat. Used together, you really do get a manicure that mimics a gel polish without needing to set it with a UV lamp. The Gel Coat applied a lot like Seche Vite, but a little bit smoother, and like Seche Vite it was super shiny even a few days later.

Removal was like any other regular polish.

*Dior Vernis Gel Shine polishes and Dior Gel Coat are available at Sephora, Dior counters, and department stores. $25 USD each. All polishes personally purchased.

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Nail Art

Revisiting Stripe Ombré Nails

May 30, 2014

One of my favorite manicures to go back and look at it is my Stripe Ombré Nails from two years ago. I thought it was high time to try recreating that look. :)

This time I chose a pale pink, light coral, bright pink, orchid, and dark burgundy color palette. Like the previous manicure, I painted my nails white first and then applied four strips of nail striping tape. Then I painted the different polish colors…

The result is a fun ombré look! I haven’t done a tape masked manicure in a while so I was a bit rusty, but I think by the time I finished up my thumbnail, the masking was working pretty well. I did discovered that the best way to prevent the colors streaking with a top coat was to brush on the top coat in the direction of the stripes.

So while time consuming, I really do love this look. :)

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